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Press Release – The Bags Collection

The Bags Collection   With a bag for each and every occasion, Maison Milano bags’ Collection narrates of dedication, care and a passion for excellence resulting in the crafting of exclusive, premium and timeless items.   From the processing time, which takes from five to seven and a half hours for each piece, to the […]

Press Release – The Scarves & Foulards Collection

The Scarves and Foulards Collection   A careful analysis of the graphics, mainly geometric, precious materials and the choice of a fully Italian manufacture are the pillars of Maison Milano Scarves Collections. A painstaking care from weaving to sewing, strictly Made in Italy, for creations expressing the desire and the will to forge quality objects […]

Press Release – Maison Milano – The Company

Maison Milano – The Company   Maison Milano stems from a love capable of overcoming any barrier, from the encounter of two young life companions, Alessandro and Milana, who, driven by their passion for each and every form of excellence, by their own curiosity and by a unconquerable will, have chosen to embark on a […]