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Maison Milano borns from the desire of its founders who wanted to create a company that could best express the design and the Italian craftsmanship, with the intent to create unique and timeless objects. The company was founded and has its headquarter in Milan, a point of reference for the design and fashion in the world. It is just in Milan that the ideas, projects and design are elaborated and processed in order to create our products. The absolute attention to detail, the excellence of the highest quality raw materials, the tradition rooted in the hands of master leather craftsmen in combination with the young design and character, make the Maison Milano’s item simply unique and sophisticated. These characteristics are expressed by our motto taken from a famous Shakespeare: “We are such stuff as dreams are made on”, because our goal is to create item that can fill the dreams and desires of our customers. Maison Milano is a 100% Italian company from its design to the product manufacture: the wise processing of raw materials, combined with young design, contemporary and sophisticated, makes the item simply unique. Since we started we always put the product at the center with strong focus on the cooperation with our artisans: this is our value, our heritage. The nature of Maison Milano is simply to create luxury item that reflects the features, the culture and the essence of the country of origin.



Years of experience to create something unique. Each single item we created, represent the state of the art of our design. Our artisans are able to reproduce the sophisticated Maison Milano’s design thanks of years of tradition and experience.


Innovation & Design

Our creations are simply a result of our visionary imagination, our timeless design reflects the tradition as well the new design concept. Experimentation represents another key element for our Company, whose lust for stimuli inspires their ongoing research.


Our Collection

It is just for our uncoditional love for design and quality that we are able to create our collections. The results of this combination are a timeless beauty sophisticated creations. We produce everything in Italy to express the highest level of quality possible. Territoriality is a key element for Maison Milano, whose entire production process occurs in Italy, thus shedding light on the essentiality of the place of origin, while keeping very high qualitative standards, starting from the premium materials, uniquely sourced in Italy, the conception of every single creation, down to the very crafting by the deft hands of skilled Italian craftsmen, capable of turning every single item into a unique object.