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Maison Milano – The Company


Maison Milano stems from a love capable of overcoming any barrier, from the encounter of two young life companions, Alessandro and Milana, who, driven by their passion for each and every form of excellence, by their own curiosity and by a unconquerable will, have chosen to embark on a new journey to fulfil a desire for uniqueness through the creation of timeless and exclusive items.

“This is no time to think of what you have not, we’d rather think of what we can do with what we have”. This is Alessandro’s and Milana’s motto, exemplifying the source of their courage to travel off the beaten path, harnessing their professional proficiency and long-standing experience, albeit in different fields, their sensitiveness for human ability, their passion capable of moving anything, and their resolve, without which nothing is possible.

Maison Milano have their headquarters under the spotlights of a dynamic and sparkling Milan, a melting pot of art, culture, fashion and design, thus highlighting their, as well as the brand’s belonging in the territory.

Territoriality is a key element for Maison Milano, whose entire production process occurs in Italy, thus shedding light on the essentiality of the place of origin, while keeping very high qualitative standards, starting from the premium materials, uniquely sourced in Italy, the conception of every single creation, down to the very crafting by the deft hands of skilled Italian craftsmen, capable of turning every single item into a unique object.

Tradition meets innovation, hence Maison Milano‘s DNA, where opposites coexist enabling a synthesis that is immediately visible in the brand’ graphics. Black and white, male and female, light and dark: combinations suggesting that there is no separation, one complements the other in an endless cycle.

In the leatherwear, this concept is put into practice thanks to young Carla’s innovative planning, a skilful designer who knows how to combine her designs with the territory’s deep-rooted craftsmanship.

Experimentation represents another key element for the Company, whose lust for stimuli inspires their ongoing research, so Carla herself: “No external restraint can really curb a person’s inner wish to pursue his/her dreams and goals, and this is even more so for people who, by nature, need to nourish themselves with great expectations”.

Maison Milano’s innovation reveals itself first of all in the leatherwear – the brand’s core business – and in the line of scarves – the company’s collateral activity – rigorously crafted in Italy for the ladies, but above all in a mind-set that breaks the fashion’s mould, abandoning the constraints of seasonality and strict timetables, which impose to plan purchases well in advance. Maison Milano wants to offer timeless items rather than short-lived products, and a more flexible distribution to go with them.

In a world obsessed with timings and deadlines, the real luxury at Maison Milano is the liberty to be free, allowing those who buy a Maison Milano object to enter a timeless domain, where what really matters is the painstaking care for detail as well as the refinedness, excellence, craftsmanship, creativity and uniqueness of their creations.


Maison Milano: Unique timeless creations.