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The Scarves & Foulards Collection


A careful analysis of the graphics, mainly geometric, precious materials and the choice of a fully Italian manufacture are the pillars of Maison Milano Scarves Collections.

A painstaking care from weaving to sewing, strictly Made in Italy, for creations expressing the desire and the will to forge quality objects as expression of exceptional distinction.

The jacquard weaving sets Maison Milano Scarves Collection apart, where the logo decoration can be both bright and matt, according to the yarn the scarf consists of.

46% wool and 54% silk for a weaving technique capable of trimming a 140×140 cm square surface. An idea of continuity for the decoration on a cream, black and turquoise background, where the presence of Maison Milano’s logo adorns the two diagonally opposite sides.

A stylish and elegant accessory, capable of expressing personality whichever way it is worn: be it a simple knot, double-sided twist, cosy neck wrap, French twist knot or classic pull through, it is always classy and refined.

Either in twill or silk satin, Maison Milano Foulards Collection expresses the fabric’s nobleness, naturalness and softness, cool in summer and warm in winter, coming in size 90×90 cm. This highly innovative Collection showcases five patterns in different colour options. The accuracy and artisanal approach is also seen in the hand-sewn seams in contrasting colours of most creations. The jet-printed decorations yet again reveal a careful design analysis, including geometric shapes that shine a light on the background architecture, featuring different iconographic elements.

A mosaic effect sets apart the proposal that – with a geometric game of centrally placed squares and lozenges in different shades – produces a central M letter in a contrasting colour, clearly legible on the two diagonally opposite sides. The iconographic stylized elements enclosing the central part recall ancient coats of arms, as if to emphasize the belonging in a specific Italian territory, and change in colour depending on the main nuance: purple, red or light blue.

Flowery decorations – resulting from overlapped geometric shapes in a wealth of painstakingly mixed shades – adorn the grid-like structure on a turquoise or pink powder background, conveying a romantic and feminine appeal, further enhanced by sinewy lines that seem to connect the different motifs. Framed by a triple line alternating light blue, white and blue for the turquoise and bordeaux colour option, and white/purple for the pink powder colour option. Both foulards feature, besides the two logos at the sides, a more marked, centrally placed one.

A central symmetric pattern in shaded turquoise/blue and pink/red, going from light to dark, breaks up the logo structure, thus generating an impactful, almost three-dimensional empty/full visual effect alternating colours and tiny geometrical elements. The five frames enclosing the central decoration alternate sharp shades and patterns and are further adorned by two different shades matching the main colour, where the logo appears at the sides. Red on pink and pale yellow on red for the radiant pink/red version – reminiscent of a romantic Italian sunset – and blue on light blue and yellow on blue for the turquoise/blue proposal, recalling the Italian sunny coasts lapped by the Mediterranean Sea. Black and white for a marked optical effect, where the black frame with white logos generates a stark minimalist contrast.

Two colour options, pink powder and black, for the artistic decoration consisting of a mix of symbols recalling household objects such as clocks, frames and stylized decorations and the letters making up the brand logo. All these elements result from the repetition of the graphically revisited logo in a black and light grey game of shades. The foulards too feature a decoration produced by the repetition of the logo on the four corners of the frame: pink for the pink powder option and ivory for the black one. The former is internally raspberry-coloured, while the latter is internally fuchsia. Tiny lozenge-shaped details in a contrasting shade stylize the background and grow bigger on the external frame, which alternates the pink and ivory geometric decoration on a raspberry background on the pink powder and ivory version, and white on a black background on the black one.

A 120x7cm double fabric and diagonally cut band completes the Collection. The latter can be used as a neckband, a belt or a decorative element for the wrist or for the bags. Featuring a marked logo at its end, it comes in three colour options: a red/black/lilac/fuchsia, white/black and white/blue/beige/fuchsia, where the broken up logo creates a graphic V-shaped decoration, where sharp shades alternate with patterns. The back of the accessory features a decoration in a darker shade, fuchsia for the red/black/lilac/fuchsia version, total black for the more classic white/black and blue for the white/blue/beige/fuchsia colour option.

Two outstanding, simply elegant, collections.


Maison Milano: Unique timeless creations.